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This is only the beginning!  We have so many ideas to bring to you in the future.

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We have also decided to give you the opportunity to choose your design and your shirt.

If you like design #0003 but want it on shirt #0009, then hit that red “Contact Us” button below and let us know the design #, shirt #, and shirt color you prefer.

As long as it’s possible, we’ll do that for you!  Please know that the cost may vary depending on the style of shirt and the design.  We’ll send you a quote and give you the final approval. 

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See you on the course…but watch out for that STUPID TREE!!!


Owner and founder of Stupid Tree Disc Golf

My love for disc golf has trickled into being obsessed with it, but when I first started, there wasn't a tree my disc wasn't attracted to.  My discs certainly seem to like to leave their mark, that's for sure!  So, Stupid Tree was born!  I made my first shirt, because I was ultimately a "lumberjack" and needed a way to laugh off my inability to bypass any tree on the course.  Everyone loved the idea and began asking for a shirt of their own.  I decided that saying "stupid tree" wasn't the only catchy phrase that we disc golfers love to spout.  So with some creativity and awesome listening skills, an idea was born.  I was also very bothered by how unflattering most disc golf gear is.  I decided that Stupid Tree Disc Golf would offer fun, functional, high quality and unique gear for casual play, competition rounds, kids, and of course our furry, cool disc golf buddies.  Being able to get your favorite logo or saying in your favorite style and color of shirt is just the beginning.  I hope to "wow" you with new styles and ideas regularly.  And to keep you all in the best, most fab disc golf threads you can imagine.  Thank you for being part of who we are here at  Stupid Tree Disc Golf.